More housing. Less costs.
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HiCondo is a modern complex with independent student apartments that offers everything students need in their apartments: comfortable living and sleeping areas, luxury kitchen, 2 burner stove top, granite counter, sink, upper and lower cupboards, personal boiler, space for a refrigerator, bathroom with toilet, wash-basin and  highspeed internet connection.

Something a student absolutely doesn’t need? High costs! HiCondo offers fair, modern, bare knuckles independent student apartments for super low prices, and they even meet the requirements for governmental rent subsidy. You’ll be surprised how good the apartments look for their price!

Also see our impression.

What else does a student need? Fun and new contacts. HiCondo offers apartments to a diverse collection of students, among which students of all nationalities, university degrees and ways of life.

HiCondo is safe, has its own janitor, video surveillance, and is maintained well.