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Rent subsidy

You are eligible for rent subsidy if you are living independently (i.e. you have your own front door and facilities like kitchen, shower and toilet) and have a low income. HiCondo apartments meet the conditions for rent subsidy.


Rent subsidy can be requested with the tax authorities,

It takes 8 weeks to process such requests, and you can only request a rent subsidy if you’re 18 years or older.

With an annual income of up to € 20.750,- you are eligible for the maximum rent subsidy, which can amount to about € 465,- per month for these apartments for students over 23 years old.

There are two categories:

For the year 2024

  • You are younger than 23 years and your rent is lower than € 454,47 per month.
  • You are 23 years or older and your rent is lower than € 879,66 per month.

These numbers have been taken from the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authority), and HiCondo is in no way responsible for them. For 2021 the government will determine new numbers.