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Signing up

Choose an independent student apartment on the Availability page and fill in the form. You can also fill in the form next to it without choosing an apartment. We will then book an apartment for you in consultation with you. When we have received your form and payment of the entrance costs of € 25 via iDeal or credit card, we will schedule an introductory interview where we’ll make your registration final with a campus contract.

What is a campus contract?

The rental agreement you sign is a campus contract. It states that you have to leave the student apartment no later than half a year after you are no longer enrolled at university. If you’re no longer studying, you unfortunately have to find somewhere else to live, so that we can offer the apartment to another student. By signing the campus contract, you give us your permission to check annually whether you are still enrolled in university. The contract lasts for at least a year, after which it can be cancelled each month with a two-month term of notice.

Are there costs for signing a campus contract and how much is the deposit?

Yes, signing the campus contract costs € 50. In addition, you will have to pay a deposit equal to two months’ rent. When you send the form below, you will visit us for an intake interview and to sign the rental agreement. When you sign the rental agreement, we will ask you to pay these amounts by debit or credit card.

Foreign students will be sent the rental agreement, along with an invoice for the registration fee and deposit. They can return the contract by email when they have signed and scanned it, together with scans of their ID Card or passport. At the same time they will have to pay the registration fee and the deposit, via iDeal or credit card.

  • Ground floor
  • First floor
  • Second floor
  • Third floor
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  • Type A costs
  • Type B costs
  • Specials (Different size)
  • Leased
  • Reserved

Click on the map to select an apartment

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This function only works if your browser supports the HTML5 canvas tag.
This function only works if your browser supports the HTML5 canvas tag.
This function only works if your browser supports the HTML5 canvas tag.
Select the button above to choose an apartment on the map. 'Apartment number' will be filled in. Then complete the rest of the form and finish by paying the registration fee of € 25.
* Student apartments of HiCondo do not allow registration of more than one person.
** By sending this form you agree that HiCondo checks with the educational institution whether you are actually enrolled with that institution. Students who study at MBO, HBO or WO institutions are eligible. Registration is possible (long) in advance, but the apartment is available only as soon as study has actually started.
*** The minimum age for registering with HiCondo is 16 years old (at the time of moving into the apartment).