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When can I denounce?

We would like to point out that you will sign a lease with rights and obligations. You will enter into a leasecontract with a minimal duration of 1 year as of the completion date. It is not possible to denounce your leasecontract beforehand. It is also not possible to denounce your leasecontract before the completiondate.

How can I terminate my rental agreement?

You can terminate your rental agreement by sending a letter at least two months in advance to the following address:

Foppingadreef 26B-36
1102 CX Amsterdam.

State your name and date of birth, the date of contract termination, and the IBAN number to which we should transfer the deposit. Or use the form on your personal page Log in. HiCondo will inspect the apartment two weeks before the date of termination. You should be present with that, or authorise someone else to be there for you: form. During the inspection we will assess whether the apartment is empty, clean and (technically) in a good state. In the case of anything lacking, we will charge an amount for reparation. In the case of serious lacking of which the repair will take a long time, HiCondo will also charge an amount for the loss of rent.

What does the rent include?

Rent for an apartment is based on its size, with living room, bathroom with toilet, kitchenette. In addition to the rent, you will also have to pay monthly service costs of
€86,50 and an advance payment for heating, electricity, water and internet/TV connections of €112,00 which is an extra €198,50 per month.

Rent is based on the housing value system of the government and will be collected through automatic bank transfer. The rent does not include municipal taxes and fees, which should be paid directly to the Municipality of Amsterdam.

What happens if I don’t pay the rent?

Rent occurs through automatic bank transfer. Make sure there is enough money on your bank account! If that’s not the case, and the rent cannot be transferred, you will receive a reminder. If the rent has not been paid within the term of that reminder, a second reminder will be sent. Don’t let it come to that! In accordance with the collection law, that will cost an additional 15% of the amount owed, up to € 40. If you still don’t pay, legal measures will follow, and ultimately eviction.

How long can I live in a HiCondo apartment?

A rental agreement with HiCondo lasts for at least a year, but can be terminated per month after that with a two-month term of notice. The contract terminates at the latest 6 months after you are no longer enrolled with an educational institution.

For whom are the HiCondo independent student apartments?

The apartments are for anyone who’s enrolled with an educational institution for MBO, HBO or university. Your rental agreement with HiCondo is a so-called campus contract: as soon as you’re not enrolled with an educational institution anymore, you no longer have the right to live in HiCondo. You should leave your apartment no later than 6 months after you are no longer enrolled with an educational institution.